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Posted by Ed Fahey on December 22, 2010

Well my season is almost over so its down to Mondello Park for some Rallycross. Im not a big fan of modern rallying in general but I like rallycross, probably the circuit racing aspect as opposed to seeing the car pass and you dont see it again, also the big power outputs of some cars and the close racing aspect to it with the odd bit of contact thrown in too all add to it.

Into Rallycross 1

Ill freely admit to not knowing much about the drivers or their names, but if does not take away from the spectacle of it all spread over several classes, from standard Peugeot 205’s (Stockhatches) to 650bhp+ turbocharged 4wd cars (Supercars) along with other classes including juniors, modifed and rally cars.

I only shot from 2 places due to the low sun and there is nothing worse than shooting into the sun, you may aswell not bother, but it was interesting to see how drivers were taking the first corner which goes from tarmac to loose surface back to tarmac, with a small jump on the outside if you run too wide… More on my Flickr page


And so ends 2010, with only the photos of the year to follow. Most of the 2011 season is on the drawing board with ITCC,FIA GT1,FIA GT3, Le Mans Series and the Blancpain Endurance Series all on the radar, along with a few other races and events


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