Ed Fahey

Adventures – Saloon,Sportscar/GT racing


I am 31 years old and have lived in Dublin,Ireland for my entire life. Ive been interested in Sportscar and Touring car racing since childhood and am fortunate to have memories of Group C sportscar racing,Group A touring car racing and Group B rallying, now all consigned to the history books sadly, but the memories remain and led me to seek all 3 classes now competing under the historic motorsport banner.

An interest in drifting/time attack led me to top UK tracks such as Silverstone,Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Knockhill and Oulton Park and magazine/website contracts followed, which allowed me to cover the FIA GT and Le Mans series sportscar championships and in 2010 to visit the Le Mans 24 Hour race and the Spa 24 Hour race also. I have also visited several race circuits in Japan including Suzuka,Tsukuba,Ebisu and Nikko circuits and various aftermarket tuning/race companies in Japan. I would consider Japan to be my favourite holiday destination, although I would like to visit America and more of continental Europe

I also enjoy collecting and racing 1/32 slotcars (Scalextric) mainly models of Sportscars

I have competed in several  24 hour slot races in France and Belgium with a best finish of 3rd overall.

I am currently employed, in the IT industry, but I see being a professional sportscar photographer as a long term career goal, and if not full time, to offer a decent second income.

Like most photographers, my choice of roadcar is not really worth mentioning, its basic and gets me there and back!

I can be contacted via email at edfahey(at)gmail(dot)com  I’m also on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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